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The purpose of Great Prairie AEA Special Education is to serve as an educational leader in providing services to eligible individuals birth to age 21. The service area is charged with planning and supporting free and equitable access to quality educational programs along with school district staff, parents and staff from other agencies.

Each school served by Great Prairie AEA has a team that serves its special educational needs. Teams include: School psychology, Special Education consulting services, social work services, and speech-language services. Other team members who specialize in occupational therapy, physical therapy and work experience are utilized when determined necessary. 


Dr. Angelisa Fynaardt 
Associate Administrator & Director of Special Education
800-382-8970 Ext. 5324 

Dr. Deb Cook
Regional Director
Ottumwa Region
800-622-0027 Ext. 5324 Ottumwa Office 

Jim Cope
Regional Director
Ottumwa Region
800-622-0027 Ext. 5396 Ottumwa Office 

Michelle Harris
Regional Director 
Mt. Pleasant/Fairfield Region
800-382-8970 Ext. 3011 Burlington Office

Alan Schwarte
Regional Director 
Albia Region
800-622-0027 Ext. 5801 Harold L. Mick Office (Albia) 

Shawn Stringer
Regional Director 
Burlington Region
800-382-8970 Ext. 1103 Burlington Office 

Nathan Wood
Regional Director 
Ottumwa Region
800-622-0027 Ext. 5512 Ottumwa Office 

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