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Great Prairie AEA connects school leaders to resources that enhance the effectiveness of their work of directing, supporting, and sustaining district-wide and/or building-wide school improvement.

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Staff Directory
Image thumbnail for Jamie Cranston, Ph.D.

Jamie Cranston, Ph.D.

Regional Director

641-682-8591 Email Jamie Cranston, Ph.D.
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Michelle Deshler

Regional Director

641-682-8591 Email Michelle Deshler
Image thumbnail for Angelisa Fynaardt, Ph.D.

Angelisa Fynaardt, Ph.D.

Assistant Administrator/Director of Special Education

641-682-8591 Email Angelisa Fynaardt, Ph.D.
Image thumbnail for Dennis Gourley

Dennis Gourley

Chief Financial Officer

641-682-8591 Email Dennis Gourley
Image thumbnail for Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris

Regional Director

641-682-8591 Email Michelle Harris
Image thumbnail for Nathan Wood

Nathan Wood

Chief Administrator

641-682-8591 Email Nathan Wood
Image thumbnail for Amanda Seeley

Amanda Seeley

Interim Regional Director

641-682-8591 Email Amanda Seeley
Image thumbnail for Alan Schwarte

Alan Schwarte

Regional Director

641-682-8591 Email Alan Schwarte
Image thumbnail for Shawn Stringer

Shawn Stringer

Director of District Services

641-682-8591 Email Shawn Stringer
Image thumbnail for Angela Livezey

Angela Livezey

Director of Professional Learning & Leadership

641-682-8591 Email Angela Livezey