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May Mental Health Awareness Month aspect ratio 540 400

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

www.IowaAEAMentalHealth.org was created by Iowa’s AEAs to help Iowans find support for mental health needs. It includes vetted resources describing symptoms, wellness advice, and contacts for support.


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  • Educators in the Workplace Opportunity begins June 20

  • Substitute Authorization Courses beginning June 26 (Virtual) & June 4 (Face to Face in Ottumwa)

  • Take tuition-free computer science courses

How we help educators, students & families

  • 1

    Birth to 21

    From the moment a child is born the AEA is there - serving children birth to age 21.

  • 2

    Partnering with Educators

    We are committed to being caring partners that deliver accountable services.

  • 3

    Family Connections

    Resources, specialized training and support helps families in their efforts to reduce barriers to their students' learning.

  • 4

    Professional Learning

    We provide professional tools and learning experiences to support the implementation of evidence-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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GPAEA By the Numbers


years of service


children and students served birth to age 21


teachers & administrators served


32 public school districts and 7 accredited non public schools

“She’s more than just a speech therapist.
She has given our child a voice.”