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AEA Media Library Services Supporting Area Schools

In an era where educational needs vary widely, AEA Media Library Services stands out for its dedication to inclusivity. The lending library is a treasure trove of educational materials, including PK-12 books, audio and ebooks, professional materials, journals, videos, and hands-on models. What sets AEA apart is its user-friendly online catalog, allowing educators to reserve materials easily, with weekly deliveries to each school building.


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  • An Easier Way to Register for AEA Courses is on the Horizon!

  • Digging into the Science of Reading and Dyslexia in Ottumwa on April 11 & 18 & Burlington on April 25 & May 2

  • Join the Build My Future Hands-On Career Immersion Event

How we help educators, students & families

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    Birth to 21

    From the moment a child is born the AEA is there.

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    Supportive Staff

    We are caring partners that deliver accountable services.

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    Family Connections

    Resources, specialized training and support helps families in their efforts to reduce barriers to their students' learning.

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    Professional Learning

    We provide professional tools and learning experiences to support the implementation of evidence-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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32 public school districts and 9 accredited non public schools

I work very closely with many of the providers at GPAEA, and they are very helpful. If I have a question, they always do their best to answer it as soon as they can, and if they don't know the answer, they always find out for me.