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The role of the audiologist is to evaluate auditory function (hearing) and manage the adverse effects of hearing impairment. The itinerant teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing addresses the educational needs of those with hearing impairment. Together they help students, parents, and teachers understand the impact of hearing loss on a person’s communication ability, academic success, and psychosocial well-being.


Early identification of hearing loss through:

  • Follow-up of newborn hearing screening
  • Early Access referrals
  • Child find activities
  • Head Start and preschool screenings
  • School-age screening programs
  • Parent, school, and other referrals

Evaluation of hearing loss, amplification, and educational needs:

  • Diagnostic hearing tests and ongoing re-evaluation
  • Medical referrals
  • Evaluate the need for hearing aids
  • Evaluate the need for FM systems
  • Verification of appropriate amplification settings
  • Maintenance of amplification
  • Teacher in-services regarding classroom accommodations
  • Family and student counseling and support

Educational Services

  • Assessment of communication, academic, and psychosocial needs
  • Direct/consultative services to students
  • Development and maintenance of individual education plans and individual family service plans
  • Education of and support to parents, students, teachers, and other professionals
  • Support and collaboration with educational sign language interpreters/associates

Important contacts

Staff Directory


Angelisa Fynaardt, Ph.D.

Assistant Administrator/Director of Special Education

641-682-8591 Email Angelisa Fynaardt, Ph.D.


Maureen Mark

Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

641-682-8591 Email Maureen Mark


Susan Pickford, Ph.D.


641-682-8591 Email Susan Pickford, Ph.D.