Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) emphasizes a school-wide system of support that includes proactive strategies for creating a positive, supportive school culture. The ultimate goal is that all children and youth are healthy and socially competent, succeed in school, and are prepared for a productive adulthood.

Courses & Resources

PBIS Content Courses have been designed to provide school personnel with opportunities to increase their own knowledge and use of behavior principles school wide.

The following courses are currently being offered through the Great Prairie AEA Professional Development Catalog:

  • PBIS Tier 1 -  Participants will receive training for the implementation of school-wide PBIS, which is a proactive, systematic process for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors in order to create a positive school environment in which teaching and learning can occur.
  • PBIS Tier 2 -  Participants will learn how to create a system of supplemental supports for students who need targeted interventions.  This training will build on a school’s PBIS Tier 1 framework and includes the necessary training to begin Tier 2 interventions.
  • Advanced Tiers 2/3 -  In this course PBIS leadership team members can continue their training in the multi-tiered system of supports in the area of behavior.  Content in this training focuses on sustainability, management of the three tiers of the PBIS system, ideas for individualizing interventions for students who are not responding well to the Tier 2 interventions, and an introduction to brief FBA and BIP.
  • Check & Connect - This course introduces Check & Connect as a comprehensive intervention designed to enhance student engagement at school and with learning for marginalized, disengaged students in grades K-12, through relationship building, problem solving and capacity building, and persistence. A goal of Check & Connect is to foster school completion with academic and social competence.
  • http://www.behaviordoctor.org
  • http://www.pbis.org