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Foster mathematical thinkers by building capacity in research-based best practices to ensure all students succeed at high levels.


To improve, enhance, and develop mathematical thinkers in all Great Prairie AEA schools.

Google Site: Iowa Core Math

Training & Support for Implementing:

  • Number Talks for Elementary
  • Fact Fluency
  • Common Assessment
  • MTSS Support:
    • Screeners
    • Diagnostics
    • Interventions
  • Math Network


Lori Mueller
Mathematics Consultant
800-382-8970 Ext. 3009 Burlington Office
Lynn Selking
Mathematics Consultant
800-382-8970 Ext. 1213 Burlington Office 

Gary Jarmes
Mathematics Consultant
800-622-0027 Ext. 5417 Ottumwa Office 

Katie Hash
Mathematics Consultant
800-622-0027 Ext. 5818 Albia Office
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