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Click to downloadEach year students and educators in Great Prairie AEA are impacted by incidents involving traumatic stress. These situations can result in disruption of the normal learning experience for students, as well as relationship problems, anxiety, and depression.  The Crisis Response Team consists of consultants, school psychologists and social workers who have received specialized training in critical incident stress management and grief recovery.


The goals and outcomes of interventions include reducing stress, preventing matters from intensifying, facilitating a return to a more normal routine, and providing access to a more intensive level of care if needed. Services include:

  • pre-incident traumatic stress education
  • on-scene support
  • individual and small group counseling
  • debriefings
  • family support services
  • classroom presentations
  • referral to community resources
  • follow-up services


Brianne Stuchel
School Social Worker
800-622-0027 Ext. 5392 Ottumwa Office 

Kibben Rumohr
School Social Worker
800-622-0027 Ext. 5331 Ottumwa Office

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