Chariton Community School District

140 East Albia Road, P.O. Box 738

Phone: 641-774-5967

Fax: 641-774-8511

Superintendent: Brad Baker, Superintendent

Superintendent’s Email Website Link
  • Chariton Head Start

    418 North Main

    Phone: 641-774-4723

    Fax: None

    Website Link

    Building Number: Chariton Head Start

    Van Route: 2

  • Chariton High (9-12)

    501 North Grand

    Phone: 641-774-5066

    Fax: 641-774-3404

    Principal: Tracy Hall, Principal

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Chariton High (9-12)

    Van Route: 2

  • Chariton Middle (6-8)

    1300 North 16th

    Phone: 641-774-5114

    Fax: 641-774-4109

    Principal: Jill Mathes, Principal

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Chariton Middle (6-8)

    Van Route: 2

  • Chariton Preschool

    140 East Albia Road

    Phone: 641-774-4780

    Fax: 641-774-8511

    Principal: Jayme Braida, Principal

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Chariton Preschool

    Van Route: 2

  • Columbus Elementary (K-2)

    1215 Linden Avenue

    Phone: 641-774-4712

    Fax: 641-774-0988

    Principal: Jayme Braida, Principal

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Columbus Elementary (K-2)

    Van Route: 2

  • Van Allen Elementary (3-5)

    1129 Ashland

    Phone: 641-774-5047

    Fax: 641-774-5717

    Principal: Joshua Morgan, Principal

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Van Allen Elementary (3-5)

    Van Route: 2

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Amanda Brink's photo

Amanda Brink

Future Ready Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Amanda Brink
Michol Carpenter's photo

Michol Carpenter

Early ACCESS Home Interventionist

641-682-8591 Email Michol Carpenter
Deena Clark's photo

Deena Clark

Speech-Language Pathologist

641-682-8591 Email Deena Clark
Stacey Cochran's photo

Stacey Cochran

Regional Secretary

641-682-8591 Email Stacey Cochran
Seth Denney's photo

Seth Denney

Instructional Technology Specialist

641-682-8591 Email Seth Denney
Rebecca Eick, Au.D.'s photo

Rebecca Eick, Au.D.


641-682-8591 Email Rebecca Eick, Au.D.
Amanda Evans's photo

Amanda Evans

Literacy Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Amanda Evans
Jeff Gaschler's photo

Jeff Gaschler

Occupational Therapist

641-682-8591 Email Jeff Gaschler
Melissa Grooms's photo

Melissa Grooms

Physical Therapy Assistant

641-682-8591 Email Melissa Grooms
Tracy Jarrett's photo

Tracy Jarrett

Science Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Tracy Jarrett
Dawn Johnson's photo

Dawn Johnson

Early Childhood Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Dawn Johnson
Michelle Mihalovich's photo

Michelle Mihalovich

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

641-682-8591 Email Michelle Mihalovich
Konnie Milder's photo

Konnie Milder


641-682-8591 Email Konnie Milder
Melinda Montgomery's photo

Melinda Montgomery

Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

641-682-8591 Email Melinda Montgomery
Amber Reed's photo

Amber Reed

School Improvement Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Amber Reed
Megan Reeves's photo

Megan Reeves

Speech-Language Pathologist

641-682-8591 Email Megan Reeves
Michelle Ryan's photo

Michelle Ryan

Transition Coordinator

641-682-8591 Email Michelle Ryan
Jill Schwarte's photo

Jill Schwarte

Special Education Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Jill Schwarte
Mariah Sterling's photo

Mariah Sterling

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

641-682-8591 Email Mariah Sterling
Clark Ullerich's photo

Clark Ullerich

Physical Therapist

641-682-8591 Email Clark Ullerich
Darcie Whitlow, Ph.D.'s photo

Darcie Whitlow, Ph.D.

CBAT School Psychologist

641-682-8591 Email Darcie Whitlow, Ph.D.
Dawn Williams's photo

Dawn Williams

Special Education Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Dawn Williams