GPAEA’s Boxed Books of the Month

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GPAEA's Boxed Books of the Month program offers a valuable resource for area teachers by providing sets of fiction and nonfiction books delivered straight to their classrooms each month. This initiative not only simplifies the process of acquiring new reading materials but also enhances the learning experience for students.

"Every month we get new books and it's like Christmas. The kids are always getting into the bag and looking at the books - seeing all of the new books that we have" shared Tonya Campbell, Fort Madison Preschool Teacher. "It's good for them to start at an early age... just getting them interested in books and start life long learning."

Reading is crucial as it fosters imagination, critical thinking, and empathy. Through books, students explore new worlds, gain insights into diverse perspectives, and develop crucial literacy skills. By participating in this program, teachers are not just receiving books—they are opening doors to endless possibilities for their students, nurturing a love for reading that can last a lifetime.

"I'm just thrilled to come see firsthand how excited the kids are," exclaims GPAEA Media Integration Specialist Lindy Harmon. "Seeing in action what the kids like will help me develop what we can send every month. Twenty books, every month, curated for your classroom."

GPAEA Districts participating in the Boxed Books of the Month include Burlington, Cardinal, Chariton, Fairfield, Ft. Madison, Keokuk, Maharashi, Mt. Pleasant, North Mahaska, Oskaloosa, Oskaloosa Christian, Ottumwa, Ottumwa Christian, Van Buren, and WACO.

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