GPAEA Celebrates the Impact of School Social Workers

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Great Prairie Area Education Agency (GPAEA) is proud to highlight the invaluable contributions of our dedicated school social workers. These licensed mental health professionals are committed to nurturing the potential of Iowa students and work tirelessly to support students with special needs and disabilities, providing tailored attention and guidance to foster their academic and social growth.

School social workers serve as essential liaisons between students' families and schools. They collaborate closely with parents, guardians, teachers, and school officials to ensure students excel academically and personally.

"Social work is a profession driven by a profound desire to enhance people's lives, particularly in our increasingly complex and stressful world," said Dr. Angelisa Fynaardt, Director of Special Education at Great Prairie AEA. “Our school social workers confront students' emotional and behavioral challenges daily, remaining accessible to provide valuable information and referrals and develop personalized strategies for academic and social success."

In addition to their critical role within schools, AEA social workers are well-versed in a wide range of community resources and services. They facilitate access to these vital supports, ensuring students have the tools to thrive.

"Our AEA school social workers, skilled in building relationships and identifying strengths, play a vital role in fostering personalized growth," stated Chief Administrator Nathan Wood. "Their efforts are pivotal in enriching the lives of our students, and we sincerely value their invaluable contributions."

Great Prairie AEA encourages the community to recognize and celebrate the remarkable work of school social workers during National Social Work Month and throughout the year.


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