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GPAEA's Library Program Services Consultant, Anna Marlin, engages Kindergarten students at Van Buren County Elementary in a delightful paired fiction and non-fiction reading session. Afterward, the students excitedly checked out their own books. GPAEA proudly provides library and media services to several area districts that would not have library services without them.


AEA Media Library Services is making waves in the local education scene by addressing the diverse needs of students, educators, and professionals. From the large film reels of the past to today’s 24/7 access to digital resources, AEAs recognize the unique requirements of its users, and is committed to offering a comprehensive collection of resources, ranging from traditional instructional materials to cutting-edge digital resources.

In an era where educational needs vary widely, AEA Media Library Services stands out for its dedication to inclusivity. The lending library is a treasure trove of educational materials, including PK-12 books, audio and ebooks, professional materials, journals, videos, and hands-on models. What sets AEA apart is its user-friendly online catalog, allowing educators to reserve materials easily, with weekly deliveries to each school building.

"We understand that every student and educator has unique learning needs. That's why our collection caters to a diverse population, ensuring everyone can find materials that resonate with them," said Lindy Harmon, Media Integration Specialist at Great Prairie AEA.

Moreover, AEA Media Library Services embraces the power of technology to support educators and students alike. The extensive range of vetted educationally appropriate digital resources is accessible from school and home 24/7, providing a dynamic platform to meet curriculum content standards, boost student achievement, aid professional development, and enhance information literacy.

PK-12 educators and students find AEA's instructional materials and library books indispensable resources. The online catalog makes it easy for educators to search for specific resources or engage with library staff members for personalized assistance, taking into account the target audience, reading levels, interests, or grade levels required.

But it doesn't stop there – AEA's commitment to education extends to a robust print collection, catering to various learning needs:

  • Early readers
  • Second language learners
  • Struggling readers
  • On-target readers
  • High-interest, low vocabulary readers
  • Fiction and non-fiction enthusiasts
  • Professional development literature and research seekers
  • Neurodivergent readers

AEA Media Staff plays a pivotal role in enhancing the educational landscape by offering a range of valuable services. They provide comprehensive professional development sessions for staff and students, showcasing and demonstrating digital resources, including databases, to foster technological literacy. Focusing on information and media literacy, the staff delivers engaging lessons that empower students with crucial skills for navigating the digital age. Their support extends to assisting with instruction, locating materials, and collaborating with teachers to enhance the learning experience. AEA Media Staff is at the forefront of delivering instructions and supporting the teaching of research skills and projects, ensuring students are well-equipped for academic success. Furthermore, they play a crucial role in compliance with legislation, managing the library's collection, and handling the ordering and processing of materials in a school library, creating a vibrant and resourceful environment for educators and students alike.

Whether you're a teacher looking for resources to support diverse learners or a student seeking engaging materials, AEA Media Library Services is a beacon of educational support, fostering an environment where learning knows no bounds.

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GPAEA Media Team

GPAEA Media Team