Generations of AEA Support

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Lori Bower's family has been blessed with the invaluable support of Iowa's AEAs since her daughter, Amy, was just 2 years old, and the impact has been transformative. Now at the age of 47, she credits AEA assistance for helping her navigate through school, enabling her to graduate high school, and providing the foundation for her functional and independent life.

This positive experience led them to continue seeking AEA support for the education of her grandsons. Luke faced significant challenges in 2nd grade, resulting in his expulsion due to behavioral issues. Fortunately, we connected with Kelly Wallace, Family & Educator Connection Coordinator, who has been a steadfast companion on his educational journey ever since. Thanks to Kelly's unwavering support, Luke not only graduated two years ago but has also become a thriving and functional disabled adult.

Her younger grandson, Micah, faces intellectual disabilities and autism, making his educational path unique and challenging. However, with AEA's consistent assistance, particularly from Kelly, Micah has been able to overcome obstacles and make significant progress. Kelly's dedication extends beyond the classroom, providing vital assistance and support to our entire family.

"We are grateful for the AEA's crucial role in our children's lives. Without their help in addressing both behavioral and learning challenges, our sons would not have been able to attend school, acquire essential life skills, and ultimately flourish into the capable individuals they are today. AEA has truly been a lifeline for our family, and we cannot thank them enough for their ongoing dedication and support."

Thank you to Lori Bowers and family for sharing your GPAEA story!