Empowering Student Learning: Teacher Feedback with Pear Deck


We know that feedback is an extremely important part of the learning process! Not only is it important to celebrate student success, but it’s also important to clarify information and to provide additional scaffolds or considerations to help deepen students’ understanding! 

We are excited to share with you the powerful ways you can provide feedback during and after lessons with Pear Deck. 

During lessons, you can use Pear Deck's interactive tools to give real-time feedback to your students. In both “Instructor-Paced” and “Student-Paced” activities, teachers can click on the “Leave Feedback” option to leave comments!

After lessons, you can use Pear Deck's analytics tools to review student responses and provide personalized feedback. With features like "Session History" and "Student Takeaways," you can see how each student performed and provide feedback on their specific strengths and areas for improvement.

By providing feedback both during and after lessons with Pear Deck, you can help your students stay engaged, improve their understanding of the material and reach their full potential. 

Check out the video to learn more about how you can level up your Pear Deck feedback game!

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