Scale-Up in Action at Keokuk Community School District

Featured in November Newsletter: Southeast Iowa STEM News

Diane Berner is an Extended Learning Program teacher at Hawthorne and George Washington Elementary Schools in Keokuk. Her Kindergarten - 3rd grade students are loving the robotics program by CodeJoy Education. Through the Iowa STEM Council, Ms. Berner submitted a Scale-Up application last year and was awarded the professional development and supplies needed to implement Robotic Investigations with Finch Robot. Professional development was held this past summer for a fall 2023 implementation.

Ms. Berner says, "We are using the SNAP block coding and the students are so excited to see their plans work. I highly recommend this program and the students are loving the Finches!"

The 2023 Scale-Up Applications open January 9th. Click HERE to find more information about the Iowa STEM Scale-Up Program.