Playing in the Sandbox (New ACHIEVE IEP Training)

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Annette Clarahan, Family & Educator Partnership Coordinator

We may all be feeling a little stressed, overwhelmed, and on edge as we begin this new school year. So many things to do and learn, and it can be a little overwhelming at times. We’ve been playing in the Sandbox a lot lately, and it’s not as much fun as I remember. It was very uncomfortable at first (I needed to upgrade in size), but now I’ve settled in and I’ve been reflecting on the Sandbox from my childhood to my Adult Sandbox.

Old Sandbox Rules  New ACHIEVE Sandbox
Kids 7 yrs. & Under There is no age limit for the sandbox. We can still play nice no matter what our age, beliefs, or backgrounds are in the sandbox.
Share your Sand toys We can share the space and learn together and in doing so, build relationships.
Don’t throw sand, keep it in the box We can’t throw sand, but we can help our peers sift through the big rocks and the little rocks of information. 
Shoes & Socks are not allowed Sand is messy & sticks to everything. It has a way of showing up somewhere else later. Remember to take care of yourselves and to leave as much sand in the Sandbox as possible.
No burying Kids in the sand Help your peers when they are in need of assistance. They will more than likely return the favor down the road.

Sand is messy and sticks to everything, but beautiful things can be created and sculpted from it. You are building and creating educational plans that will help students be successful and productive in their own Sandbox.