Pear Deck Premium available to GPAEA Educators

Level Up Neon PearDeck

Did you know you’ve got access to Pear Deck premium?! Once again, the Iowa AEA system has purchased Pear Deck for ALL Iowa educators!

As part of a partnership between Pear Deck and the Iowa AEAs, Pear Deck, the Iowa AEAs, and ITEC are working in partnership to not only support Iowa educators in integrating Pear Deck with purpose but also to amplify and share the amazing stories of passionate educators!

Each month, be on the lookout for a variety of tips, tricks and testimonials shared via our newsletter, the statewide Iowa AEA website, and via social media (@iowa_aea, #iowaaea, #gpaea). 

To kick things off, Andrew Fenstermaker from Iowa City Community School District shares how you can use Pear Deck’s IceBreaker Templates to build community in your classroom!


For more information or to share your favorite Pear Deck features and ideas, check out the AEA website!