GPAEA Welcomes New Staff

Welcome to the Team

GPAEA welcomes the following new staff to the Agency and wishes them a great school year!

  • Jen Adams-Potter, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Ellen Azinger, Special Education Consultant
  • Sara Shoop Butler, School Social Worker-SEBH Interventionist
  • Jennifer Ferguson, SEBH Interventionist
  • Natalie Ita, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Kristina Jones, Human Resources Coordinator
  • Barbara Krieger, Special Education Consultant
  • Larry Larrington, Custodian – Ottumwa Office
  • Lori Lindner, Burlington TDHH Assistant
  • Ellen Moran, Special Education Consultant
  • Mark Shaffer, Custodian – Burlington Office
  • Andrea Skifstad, Physical Therapist
  • Katie Smith, School Psychologist
  • Shannon Tackes, Special Education Consultant-CBAT
  • Amanda Wilcox, Special Education Consultant
  • Nikki Witt, Special Education Consultant

*Please note that not all new staff are pictured above.