Future Ready Spotlight (April): Iowa Authentic Learning Network Student Expo on April 26

Laura Williams, 21C Consultant, & Amanda Brink, Instructional Technology & Future Ready Consultant


This month’s Future Ready Spotlight, lands on the Iowa Authentic Learning Network Statewide Virtual Student Expo!!! 


aln kidventor

This month we wanted to put a spotlight on one of the faster growing professional learning networks for educators interested in creating more authentic learning opportunities with area business and community partners for students as part of the core or elective curriculum, the Iowa Authentic Learning Network (ALN). Join the google group here. As a celebration of educators, students, and partners, we throw an annual event to feature and showcase ideas and opportunities all about authentic learning. 


Authentic learning is about engaging students with a real deliverable. Typically, these experiences are projects that are created in partnership with an area partner that has a problem or project for students to engage with in order to meet learning objectives and adds value beyond school. Projects may also be student-driven and are often titled “passion projects” because students take ownership and leadership in these projects. But don’t take our word for it, come learn directly from students about their projects all across the state at the Iowa Authentic Learning Network Student Expo! We will have a special guest classroom joining us from Scotland this year! We hope to innovate without boundaries, share ideas, and support student voices giving students an authentic and professional platform! 


We invite you to support students AND bring your students to listen to other students share their stories. Join live or register to have access to on-demand sessions and project showcases. Check out the tentative agenda here. 


Register here. This is a free event! 


If you are interested in license renewal for participating (either on the same day OR at your own pace i.e self-paced learning), please register here. This is a great way to learn more about other future-ready programs and projects across the state! 

Want to share your future-ready story? Connect with Laura Williams, laura.williams@gpaea.org, or Amanda Brink, amanda.brink@gpaea.org.