Cardinal Community School District

4045 Ashland Road, P.O. Box 250

Phone: 641-652-7531

Fax: 641-652-3143

Superintendent: James Craig, Superintendent

Superintendent’s Email Website Link
  • Cardinal Elementary (PreK-4)

    5414 Highway 16

    Phone: 641-652-3591

    Fax: 641-652-3173

    Principal: Heather Buckley, Principal

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Cardinal Elementary (PreK-4)

    Van Route: 5

  • Cardinal Middle/High (5-12)

    4045 Ashland Road

    Phone: 641-652-7531

    Fax: 641-652-3143

    Principal: Cindy Green, Principal (Jr. High 5-8), Andrew Lehn, Principal (HS 9-12)

    Principal’s Email Website Link

    Building Number: Cardinal Middle/High (5-12)

    Van Route: 5

AEA Staff

Staff Directory
Heather Applegate's photo

Heather Applegate

Special Education Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Heather Applegate
Jill Baker's photo

Jill Baker

Regional Secretary

641-682-8591 Email Jill Baker
Amanda Brink's photo

Amanda Brink

Future Ready Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Amanda Brink
Lacey Brooks's photo

Lacey Brooks

School Social Worker

641-682-8591 Email Lacey Brooks
Annette Clarahan's photo

Annette Clarahan

Family & Educator Partnership Coordinator

641-682-8591 Email Annette Clarahan
Seth Denney's photo

Seth Denney

Instructional Technology Specialist

641-682-8591 Email Seth Denney
Michelle Dickey's photo

Michelle Dickey

English Language Learner & Professional Learning Coordinator

641-682-8591 Email Michelle Dickey
Cheyanne Ellis's photo

Cheyanne Ellis

Occupational Therapist

641-682-8591 Email Cheyanne Ellis
Alexis Ensminger's photo

Alexis Ensminger

Speech-Language Pathologist

641-682-8591 Email Alexis Ensminger
Nicole Fraker's photo

Nicole Fraker

Early ACCESS Home Interventionist

641-472-3414 Email Nicole Fraker
Joe Hanks, Au.D.'s photo

Joe Hanks, Au.D.


641-682-8591 Email Joe Hanks, Au.D.
Katie Hash's photo

Katie Hash

Mathematics Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Katie Hash
Jaime Hutcheson's photo

Jaime Hutcheson

Early ACCESS Home Interventionist

641-682-8591 Email Jaime Hutcheson
Tracy Jarrett's photo

Tracy Jarrett

Science Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Tracy Jarrett
Dawn Johnson's photo

Dawn Johnson

Early Childhood Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Dawn Johnson
Melissa Kissell's photo

Melissa Kissell

Literacy Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Melissa Kissell
Robin Larrington's photo

Robin Larrington

Special Education Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Robin Larrington
Melinda Montgomery's photo

Melinda Montgomery

Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

641-682-8591 Email Melinda Montgomery
Michelle Ryan's photo

Michelle Ryan

Transition Coordinator

641-682-8591 Email Michelle Ryan
Amanda Seeley's photo

Amanda Seeley

Interim Regional Director

641-682-8591 Email Amanda Seeley
Andrea Skifstad's photo

Andrea Skifstad

Physical Therapist

641-682-8591 Email Andrea Skifstad
Katey Steele's photo

Katey Steele

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

641-682-8591 Email Katey Steele
Mariah Sterling's photo

Mariah Sterling

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

641-682-8591 Email Mariah Sterling
Melissa Stringer's photo

Melissa Stringer


641-682-8591 Email Melissa Stringer
Anna Sullivan's photo

Anna Sullivan

Physical Therapy Assistant

641-682-8591 Email Anna Sullivan
Tammy Turner's photo

Tammy Turner

School Improvement Consultant

641-682-8591 Email Tammy Turner
Kathy Utterback's photo

Kathy Utterback

School Social Worker-SEBH Interventionist

641-682-8591 Email Kathy Utterback
Andrea Wanner's photo

Andrea Wanner

Speech-Language Assistant

641-682-8591 Email Andrea Wanner