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The Great Prairie AEA Print and Production Department provides a full suite of services from concept to finished product for both print and non-print custom materials. Services are available to area school districts. Services are competitively priced and include free delivery to area schools. Other tax-supported or non-profit agencies within the area may request services. We encourage you to use our services.
Nils Guldberg
Print/Production Supervisor
319-753-6561, 641-682-8591, 1-800-382-8970, 1-800-622-0027 ext. 1144 or

Ordering Information
Contact the print and production department for fast and reliable service, or if you have questions, 319-753-6561, 641-682-8591, 1-800-382-8970, 1-800-622-0027 ext. 1144 or email

Great Prairie AEA Print & Production is open from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Thursday and 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM on Friday during the school year.  Summer hours are posted each spring.

Turn-around Time
Jobs that are “camera-ready” or “print-ready” and do not require finishing can usually be done within a week or less. Jobs that require typesetting or graphics and finishing may take 2-3 weeks. During the summer (late June, July, August, and early September) the work load is very heavy. Please allow extra time for your order to be completed.

Graphic Design

Full Color Copying, High Speed Copying

Full line of bindery service

Typical Print Requests:


      Business Cards

      Student and Staff Planners


      Pocket Folders

      Tab Insert Sheets
      Carbonless Forms


Buttons with pin on back
Digital Photo Printing
Large format color printing (Posters, PWIMS)
CD/DVD Duplication, VCR to DVD
Name badges with or without photos
Digital Cut Outs
Awards Maker
Bumper Stickers

Did you know that GPAEA Print & Production provides graphic design services?

Achieve the best results for projects by using the services of the Great Prairie AEA Print and Production Department. This service is available to assist with page layout and materials design. Files can be accepted in most formats. Graphic design services are available to all schools and non-profit organizations within the GPAEA counties of southeast Iowa. Consider graphic design services for all of your promotional, classroom or general information materials.

Examples include: logo creation, t-shirt designs, labels, stickers, sports programs, certificates, brochures, flyers, and posters. Graphic time is billed by the hour, so the cost depends on the difficulty and extent of work needed on each individual project. Once a logo or series of themed art is created, it can be used through out the year(s) with no additional charge per use.  Contact the print and production department to get started on your next project, 319-753-6561, 641-682-8591, 1-800-382-8970, 1-800-622-0027 ext. 1144 or email produce results.

Great Prairie Print & Production offers full color and black and white high-speed printing and copying! Add color to business cards, brochures, and postcards to make the strongest impression!

Offset Printing and Black & White High-Speed Copying
Great Prairie Print & Production offers offset printing and black & white high speed copying. Pre-press and finishing services, including stapling, folding, binding, padding and collating are also offered. GPAEA Print & Production has the capability to produce many types of items, including passes, notepads, multi-copy forms, directories, newsletters, worksheets, letterhead, envelopes, posters and much more.

Full Color Copying
The Print & Production department can print full color up to 12x18 on various stocks of paper. Design your project or have one of our graphic designers assist you. Prices are very reasonable for color copying.  Contact the print and production department for a price at 319-753-6561, 641-682-8591, 1-800-382-8970, 1-800-622-0027 ext. 1144 or email

Here are some tips to consider when submitting a print job:

• Leave at least a 3/8” margin around your original.

• Submit your originals electronically whenever possible. Files can be accepted in nearly any format.  Send as an attachment to or save on a disk or other memory device and drop off at either site. If sending in a “camera-ready” original to be printed: send a good, clean copy on white paper.  Do not staple originals together.  Leave post-it notes hanging off the edge of the paper so our print staff can see them before printing. 

• Clear communication is key to assuring your order is accurate and on time.  Be specific with instructions and always include a date needed.

• Printed copies will only be as good as the originals.  If your copy has streaks, light printing and dark printing, smudges, etc., it will print the same way.

• The print and production department will make every effort to complete your order by your requested date.  Jobs that are “camera-ready” or “print-ready” and do not require finishing can usually be done within a week or less.  Jobs requiring typesetting or graphics and finishing may take 2-3 weeks.  Call the print/production office at ext. 1144 if you have any questions.

• If your copy is copyrighted, we need a copy of the permission submitted with the order.

Print-based projects are “finished” as requested. Finishing work includes stapling, collating, folding and/or hole punching. Drilling, cutting, padding, perforating, and numbering are done as needed. Spiral binding can be done with coil, plastic or wire. These binding options are great for booklets, planners, organizers, reports, and calendars.

Lamination is a popular and inexpensive way to preserve and protect a variety of materials including posters, pictures, bulletin board materials, game boards or almost any light flat material. Items up to 26” wide can be laminated. If you would like larger items to be halved or folded and then laminated, please make a note with your order. Our turn-around time is usually 1 to 2 weeks. Materials needed sooner for a special event should be scheduled ahead of time.

•  Examples of items that laminate the best include construction paper, bond & text weight paper, file folders, pocket folders without staples, newspaper, bulletin board borders and clipart, photos, maps, poster board, flash cards, posters and other light-weight materials. Cardboard is an example of paper that is too thick to laminate.

•  Anything that is not flush with the paper surface will cause the film not to seal to the shape and will not adhere to the surrounding paper. An air pocket will form. A suggestion is to laminate first and decorate items afterward. Staples, metal clips, glitter, globs of glue and thick objects will not be accepted as they will damage our laminator. Heavy crayon on items may melt when ran through the laminator. Avoid using tape to attach items to a larger item, instead use rubber cement or a glue stick, making sure glued items are dry before sending them to us.

•  Materials sent for lamination should be either wrapped in paper or put in a bag (plastic garbage bags work well) for protection from the weather. Lay large items flat when possible. Other suggestions include putting your name on the back of each item, not sending in loose or paper clipped items (as they may become separated or lost) and not stapling packages or bags shut. Tape is preferred. Each package should include your name, school, purchase order or address for billing and a contact number. We will not be responsible for any materials damaged due to equipment error or malfunction.

Buttons are terrific for education, fund-raisers or for promoting your club or organization.  They’re a great alternative to adhesive name tags for school functions.

Buttons are 2-1/4” in diameter.  Design your own button or ask for the assistance of the print shop.  Display photos on buttons.  If you would like a magnet on the back instead of the pin, special orders can be processed with a little more time.

The print and production department can print high quality photos up to 8.5x11 on glossy paper or matte paper.  Photos may be sent in electronically or actual photos may be scanned and reproduced.  Call us for more information.

The only limitation is your imagination.
Color posters and photos are powerful communication tools that can be produced easily, quickly and affordably at the Great Prairie AEA Print Shop!  The large-format posters are excellent for signs, banners, and presentations useful anywhere you need to display large photographic-quality images. The posters and banners are produced with crisp images, and rich true colors at an affordable price. A wide array of media types, including photo paper, vinyl, glossy, matte-coated, canvas and other specialty papers are available in sizes up to 42” wide. These options help produce signs, banners, presentation materials, and advertising for the classroom or event.

Color photos, high-resolution digital photos, digital files, and printed originals can be used as a source. (Poster quality will depend on what type of source is used to produce the poster.) Photos can be downloaded from Iowa AEA Online and enlarged. Create your own poster or have our graphic designers help you create an eye-catching poster in full color.

The possibilities are endless with the large-format color poster printer. What better way to make a great impression:

• Posters easily made to support the “Picture Word Induction Method” (PWIM). PWIMS promote vocabulary development and reading comprehension in the classroom.
• Class posters, school posters, “important people posters,” event posters and theme posters
• Banners for programs, the lunchroom, and events
• High-resolution photographs enlarged to poster size for framing
• Christmas gifts (favorite photo enlarged to poster size, or a collage of photos)
• Sports schedules, team photos, club or organization advertising.

A CD is the perfect device for backing up data. The data can range anywhere from simple program files and word documents to video files. If you have a video file you can copy it to any other computer. It is even possible to copy the files from your CD and burn it onto a video DVD. Once on a video DVD, you can play the video content on most stand-alone DVD players.

One of the most common uses of ID cards is basic photo identification. ID cards are usually made from PVC. However, photo ID cards serve many purposes, and are necessary in many work and high-security environments where identification is essential to the task at hand.  ID cards may or may not include a photo.

Photo identification cards typically contain a photo of the cardholder and other unique information such as name, address, job title, or other data that indicates special authorizations.

Volunteer ID badges play a critical role in a broad range of nonprofit and school environments, providing that extra layer of security so non-employees can immediately identify a volunteer. Visitor ID cards can display important information such as the person’s name and their reason for volunteering (e.g. they are helping with a school program or are assisting a teacher in the classroom). Typically, volunteer badges are highly visible when displayed to ensure the cardholder is instantly recognized as a volunteer.

Some other ideas for the Alpha Card System include student IDs, membership IDs, sports teams IDs, passes and tickets, promotional cards and more.

Cards are designed in-house using school or club logos and colors.

Tired of cutting out letters for your bulletin board?

The GPAEA Print/Production department can electronically cut letters, numbers, shapes and bulletin board collections and enhance your classroom activities. We have access to more than 4,600 shapes, 18 fonts and 228 bulletin board collections – all scalable from 1” to 17-1/2” in size to meet your needs! These computer-generated designs replace a much older hand-cut lettering and design process. This new system allows for greater flexibility, end-product scalability, and can provide modernized system of designs that supports teaching and learning. This system can be used to support the creation of cutouts, word walls, and story boards - all of which support your initiatives to improve reading, math and science across the curriculum.

Choose a shape from our vast library of electronic dies and then order the size or multiple sizes needed for different educational applications. The computerized cutout maker also contains numerous fonts for lettering. Letters can be typed out in connected words or separate to form different words. To view available shapes and fonts, download the variquest cutout catalog. Be sure to scroll down to the content guide that can be downloaded.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in the online catalog, call your AEA print shop 319-753-6561, 641-682-8591, 1-800-382-8970, 1-800-622-0027 ext. 1144 or email and ask for samples.

Recognize individual progress with customized awards!

Rewarding students, teachers and staff has never been as easy and affordable as with the new Awards Maker. With this tool, GPAEA is able to customize the creation of plaques, for honor awards, organization awards, service awards and more. Educators can use this service to help students make the connection between effort, achievement and recognition.

The award plaques are available in cherry, white or black wood. The size of the plaque is 5”x7”. The system contains pre-designed, easy-to-personalize templates that will fit your need. Use the Awards maker to motivate students through the use of perfect attendance, leadership awards, Student of the Month and more.

Schools can put the fun in fundraising by creating bumper stickers for advertising or promotion of their organization!

Our print shop staff will assist you in designing a bumper sticker for your athletic team, honor society club, music department, or art club for example:

•   Pick out a template from the many shown below.
•   School name and graphics are added where applicable.
•   The bumper stickers can be printed in your school color on white 3”x10” permanent adhesive.
•   Have the bumper stickers available for sale at school functions.
•   Sell the bumper stickers to students, parents and fans!

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