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Parents, are you looking for quality digital resources for your children to use at home?

GPAEA provides students and teachers access to a broad range of digital resources for all ages. These resources are vetted, age-appropriate and high-quality. They are accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Some resources will require a school building username/password. If you need help with your login, please contact your district’s teacher librarian or GPAEA Librarian, Lindy Harmon, Ottumwa Office, 800.622.0027, Ext. 5265; Brenda Mennen, Burlington Office, 800.382.8970, Ext. 1145.

Offerings include: Read-aloud ebooks; Ebooks; Digital audiobooks; Videos; Self-paced tutorials; Educational games; Encyclopedias; Articles; and Newspapers

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Lindy Harmon, Media Integration Specialist • Ext. 5265

Brenda Mennen, Media Integration Specialist • Ext. 1145
T 319.753.6561 | 800.382.8970
T 641.682.8591 | 800.622.0027

Keely Ruby, Media Clerk - Contact for Inventory • Ext. 5271

Kimberly Cobler, Media Clerk • Ext. 5270

Lori VanRingelstein, Van Driver/Media Clerk • Ext. 5250

John Mayberry, Van Driver • Ext. 5250


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