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IEP Team Actions

As part of IDEA (reauthorized 2004) the IEP process must include the consideration of assistive technology for all students eligible for special education services.

Iowa's state IEP form requires a Yes/No response from the IEP team indicating whether or not assistive technology services or devices are required.

1.      Frame the Question: Identify Area of Concern & Conduct IEP Team Assessment

  • Pinpoint barriers the student is encountering.
  • What do we need to know about the student’s use of assistive technology?
  • Review available information and collect new information.
  • Brainstorm and identify possible tools or instructional strategies to address area(s) of need.

Tool for the TeamAT Consideration Worksheet-SETT

2.      Trial of Possible assistive technology Tool:

  • Identify specific assistive technology tool to introduce for a trial period.
  • Create a specific plan for the assistive technology trial period.
  • Acquire needed assistive technology tools and/or training necessary to conduct trial

Tool for the TeamWATI Assistive Technology Trial Use Guide

3.      Implementation:

  • Plan for assistive technology interventions and identify training that is needed.

Tool for the Team: Implementation Tools for the Team

4.      Periodic Review:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.
  • Re-SETT

Tool for the team: Re-SETT form

Tool for the team: AT Progress Report


Note: GPAEA does not endorse any of the devices or applications listed on this site. It is the sole responsibility of the users of this site to try devices/applications listed and determine if they are applicable.


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