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The DE recently approved three leadership training pilots that satisfy the evaluator approval licensure requirement. The trainings start in June 2017 and take place during the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Please click on the active links for each course for registration and other course information.

Course observation, participant/instructor feedback, and other course will be used by the DE to determine the success of the pilots and planning for possible statewide training and support.

Also, during the next school year, Assessing Academic Rigor, Fierce Conversation, and iEvaluate 1.2 will be maintained as options. iEvaluate 1.2 will be revised during the school year with a new version for release in the 2018-2019 school year.

Please contact Matt Ludwig ( regarding evaluator approval course information, and Greg Horstmann ( regarding administrator licensure information.


The iEvaluate class is an online evaluator class that is approved by the Iowa Department of Education. It was created to replace the required Evaluator Level I and Level II training. There are two iEvaluate classes: iEvaluate – Teachers (intended for principals, athletic directors, and others responsible of evaluating teachers or coaches) and iEvaluate – Administrators (intended for superintendents or central office administrators responsible for evaluating principals or other school administrators). The course is 2 license renewal credits. It is not available for graduate credit at this time.  If you have successfully completed evaluator approval through Level I or II, you should contact your AEA professional development office and enroll in Assessing Academic Rigor.

Please visit the iEvaluate website for more information.

Evaluator Approval Process Flowchart

Assessing Academic Rigor:  Evaluator III

In order to take this course you must be able to provide a transcript showing the successful completion of Evaluator Approval I and II or iEvaluate (teacher or administrator modules).  To find upcoming classes and to register, please visit our course catalog.

Evaluator License Renewal

In light of the current conversations around changing the evaluation process, the BoEE and the DE have determined that practitioners must complete one (1) of the current evaluator renewal courses. The DE approved courses include: Assessing Academic Rigor or iEvaluate. Please be aware that renewal of an administrator license, with an evaluator endorsement, requires a total of four semester hours of renewal credit.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the following BoEE and DE staff members with questions about evaluator renewal.

Department of Education 85

If you have additional questions, please contact Matt Ludwig at the Iowa Department of Education (515-281-3750, or

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