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Graduate Programs in Education at Viterbo University

To learn more about graduate programs in education at Viterbo University, please click here.

Viterbo Summer classes will be starting soon.  As you have recently inquired regarding interest in our program, we wanted to make you aware of recently established new protocols for our Iowa Center application and registration deadlines.

The Master of Arts in Education Program is now a financially-aided program, making higher education more accessible to students.  To ensure enough processing time for financial aid, acceptance and registration, the following deadlines have been set for applications and registration for classes. 

Our preferred application deadline for Summer is April 1.  Be advised that this only applies to the application itself and not supplemental materials. 

Our preferred registration deadline for Summer term is May 1.  All registrations should be completed by this date.

Please visit our website at to receive further detailed program information and/or to electronically apply if you are interested in beginning one of our programs.

Carol Page ( is our Iowa Educational Leadership Program Specialist and advisor for the Master of Arts in Education program here in our Iowa Center.  She is available to answer any questions and provide further information if needed.  Mike Gonzalez (, our Iowa Off-Campus Coordinator, is also available to answer questions. 


For more information about requesting a transcript from Viterbo University, please click here.

Contact Viterbo University

For more information :

For programs in Iowa contact Kathleen Wynn 515-224-5944 or

For information regarding our Master of Arts in Education Program contact Susan Hughes at 608-796-3394 or

For information on how to apply to a program contact Linda Hinkley at 608-796-3090 or

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