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Great Prairie AEA partners with the following post secondary institutions to offer graduate credit for some of our Professional Development courses. For more information click on a graduate partner below:

Drake University

Grand View University

Morningside College


Drake University School of Education - Extension Education

You can continue your professional development and receive a Drake education regardless of your location through Drake’s Extension Education programs.  All Extension Education courses are graduate level offerings.  Please visit  Drake's Extension Education website for more information.


For more information about requesting a transcript from Drake University, please click here.

Online Courses

Drake University Continuing Education and Professional Development has two new online courses. They are:

  • Instructional Coaching (3 semester hours of graduate credit)
  • Differentiation and Literacy (3 semester hours of graduate credit)

Instructional Coaching Online

An instructional coach is chiefly responsible for bringing evidence-based practices into classrooms by working with teachers and other school leaders. This course focuses on the coach’s role in classroom management, content enhancement, instruction, asking effective questions, and assessment for learning. Participants will also explore the fundamentals for sustaining a successful coaching program including how to represent the coach’s role to staff, building trusting relationships, participating in ongoing training, garnering support from administrators, and providing confidential, nonevaluative job-embedded professional development for teachers. Types of coaching and how to implement effective verbal and nonverbal communication designed to improve expertise in leadership, communication and listening, positive thinking, and support are major course themes, with additional focus on the conferencing and facilitation skills (including confidentiality agreements among coaches, teachers, and principals).

Differentiation and Literacy

In this course, Differentiation and Literacy, you will learn to differentiate your instruction to reach children of varying literacy readiness levels, both elementary and secondary. You will learn ways to improve your instruction by adopting a growth mindset and will practice strategies such as flexible grouping to enrich your literacy instruction. You will review the English Language Arts Common Core Standards and will explore methods to create differentiated literacy lesson plans to address those standards. You will discuss methods to develop a positive classroom culture. You will review effective methods of both self-assessment and other forms of assessment to guide your differentiation.

For more online courses offered by Drake University Extension Education, please click here.

Licensure Specific

Developed by Drake University - click on links below for current listings:

Cultural Awareness: Seeing Past the Stereotypes (EDMA 209)
3 Semester Hours Graduate Credit

Human Relations (EDMA 204)
3 Semester Hours Graduate Credit

Elementary Social Studies: Making Your Content Relevant (EDMA 208)
3 Semester Hours Graduate Credit

Courses for Special Education Consultant and Work Experience Coordinator Endorsement

For more details regarding the courses being offered and application requirements, visit

Michael A. Couvillon, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Undergraduate & Graduate Studies in Special Education

Courses for Athletic Coaches and Physical Educators

Please click here for more information about Drake University Extension Education courses for Athletic Coaches and Physical Educators.

Graduate Education at Morningside College

To learn more about graduate education at Morningside College, please click here.


For more information about requesting a transcript from Morningside College, please click here.

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Morningside College Graduate Studies
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