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As educators, we are constantly striving to learn new skills and strategies that will improve student learning. Great Prairie AEA programs are coordinated to enhance the professional, personal, and organizational staff development needs of LEA and AEA staff. These include credit courses, leadership development programs, support staff workshops, school improvement institutes, paraeducator certification and internal staff development.

Julie Hannam
Professional Development Secretary
800-622-0027 or 641-682-8591 Ext. 5239 Ottumwa Office

Please contact Julie if you need assistance with:

  • Entering grades
  • Making a payment
  • Turning in Sign-In Sheets
  • Changing a credit type


Michelle Dickey
ELL & Professional Development Consultant
800-382-8970 or 319-753-6561 Ext. 1210 Burlington Office

Please contact Michelle if you need assistance with:

  • Registering for a course
  • Entering a Course Proposal
  • Transcripts


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