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Employee Information
Board Policies
Employee Handbook  
Mandatory Employee Notifications  

Master Agreement
Certified Master Contract Agreement 2017-2020 (2018-2019 Year) (PDF)
        Licensed Staff Evaluation Document
Classified Master Contract Agreement 2016-2019 (PDF)

Certified Staff Sick Leave Bank
Classified Staff Sick Leave Bank
Change of Address form
Electronic Deposit of Paychecks Form
Electronic Deposit of Expense Check Form
Family Medical Leave Act Form (FMLA)
Federal W-4 Form
Hepatitis B Vaccination Forms & Information
IAW4 Form 
ILW4 Form
Monthly Attendance Report Blank Insertable Form 2018-2019 (for classified staff only)
Notice of Intent for Salary Advancement
Notification of Vacant Position
Planning Calendar 2018-2019
Request For College Work To Apply On Advancement On Salary Schedule
Summer Hours Form
Work Modification Schedule Request

Insurance & Benefits
Benefits Enrollment Website
Insurance Enrollment Packet 2018-2019
Group Life Insurance for Administrators and Non-Bargaining Employees
Group Life Insurance for Chief Administrator
Group Life Insurance for Classified Employees
Group Life Insurance for Certified and Therapy Assistants
Employee Assistance Program
        (Password: NISenhanced)
        Additional Information
Flex Benefits Programs & Forms
Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS)
Southeast Iowa Schools Health Care Program

Salary Schedule
Certified Salary Schedule 2018-2019

Job Descriptions


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