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Great Prairie Area Education Agency has become aware of a scam where out-of-state citizens are receiving letters and/or emails asking them to contribute and buy items for foster homes. The letter includes a check and tracking number, instructing the reader to go to their nearest ATM and deposit the funds. The letter includes the GPAEA logo to enhance the appearance of authenticity, but it is not. 

All citizens should be wary of this type of request. If you receive a request for information in the manner described above, please do not reply or deposit the check. This is a scam and not at all associated with Great Prairie Area Education Agency. Great Prairie Area Education Agency does not solicit for funds or personal information. 

We have also been made aware of Job Postings on on behalf of Great Prairie AEA. Although, the job postings have been removed from the site, you may still receive an email or call if you applied for a position. Do not reply or give any personal information, as these are not legitimate postings. 

Great Prairie Area Education Agency is located in southeast Iowa and all job openings are posted on and our website, We do not use third-party job recruiters.

Authorities have been contacted and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but appreciate your support and patience as we communicate and resolve these issues. For more information or to be contacted by a GPAEA representative, please fill out the form on our Contact Page

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